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Discover my Educational Card Games !

1 Deck of Cards

78 Cards

70 Video Tutorials

Scan the QR code to discover to

70 Tricks, explained step by step

2 Languages

French and English

1 Poster

78 Tricks

Use Hooxperience to:

* Learn with tutorials

* Create your combos with the cards

* Name the tricks

* View figures

* Challenge yourself to find transitions

* Have an Educational Support

Made in France

with Love

Anne Sophie B.

unnamed (3)_edited.png

The Hooxperience game is the perfect ally for hoop training sessions!

It allows you to define combos by drawing from a multitude of figures, from beginner to intermediate level,

by reviewing the basics and discovering new tricks.

The QR code is very practical for accessing the video tutorial, which explains in detail how to perform the figure in complete safety.

I am super happy with this game which allowed me to vary my free practice program and get out of my comfort zone!

I love creating my little combos at the start of the session and making them evolve as I train, classifying the cards by category:

to rework, to integrate into other tricks, to discover...

It’s a fun tool to offer or treat yourself to, without hesitation.

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